Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC)
Logo Design proposals

These images are proposed for the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) open source project's consideration,
they are not official SFC Designs yet (fingers crossed though).
Click any image for a larger preview.

01. The Main Logo

A proposed logo rejuvenation for the SFC project;

SFC logo rejuvenation proposal

The proposal here is incomplete, the right half will be filled in with leaves if deemed worthwhile by an SFC member.
The top left version has tree-knots as nodes in the branching structure, the right has fruits as nodes.

The reasoning for the tree, the leaves and fruits;

Messages intended in the tree analogy;

  • growth (branch)
  • freedom (to reach for the sun)
  • nurture (new leaves= new life)
  • reward for toil (fruit) and
  • continuity (seeds)

This is not an empty analogy for Free Software:

  • growth (of projects – branching repositories – and community)
  • freedom (beer and speech, take the route you want, branch where you like)
  • nurture (of new people joining – leaves that feed the branch)
  • rewards (for those volunteering and for users – launch of releases is fruit)
  • continuity (the chance to endlessly create)

The leave do not yet have variation either, they will after the leaves are all in place,
it will improve the sense of depth and add texture if the logo is looking too "flat" right now.


Larger preview