Volunteer Designer extrordinaire ⧓
I'm not an organisation. I'm just one guy. One guy that still believes that the best things in life are free. That believes in the efforts of all open-source projects and non-profit initiatives where people like you build, work, further and better some aspect of the world that helps people, animals or the planet. That in some way, makes the world a better place. I believe that projects like that deserve great Design, the kind of Design that fetches top-dollar, but without having to spend a cent. And because I believe all of that, I'm "that" guy. The guy that Designs for a living, teaches it at Uni, thinks about it in his sleep and at every opportunity he gets; pitches it in for a worthwhile cause in exchange for a warm smile and a high-five. Do you need someone like that?

My name is Nikash SINGH and I’m genuinely interested in making anything good, decent and valuable (with no monetary motivations other than non-profit fundraising) look every bit as sexy as their equivalents chasing the buck.