Apache Design proposals

These images are proposed for the Apache Software Foundation's consideration,
they are not official Apache Designs (fingers crossed though).
Click any image for a larger preview.

01. The Main Logo

A proposed update of the Apache feather;
Completely vector for perfect scaling.

Apache logo proposal

02. The Foundation Logo

Some variations for the Foundation logo,
extending the recognisable feather.

ASF logo proposal 01

proposal 01:
Wreath configuration

ASF logo proposal 02

proposal 02:
Apache cross-feather

ASF logo proposal 03

proposal 03:
Council configuration

03. Installer graphics

Implementing the new vectors in the installation wizard
Proposal on the left (large), existing wizard on right (smaller)

Proposed installer graphic

Proposed change

Existing installer graphic

Existing installer
(for reference)

And another installer screen,
With 2 variations I couldn't decide between.

Proposed installer graphic

Proposed change 01

Proposed installer graphic

Proposed change 02

Existing installer graphic

Existing installer
(for reference)

04. The HTTP-project Website

Updating the HTTP website through CSS only,
(no changes to page contents necessary whatsoever)

These skins work with the structure already in place for most projects.
This is an intentional effort to make adoption of the theme feasible immediately.
The download links have been styled as buttons to improve focus to calls-to-action.

Existing page

Existing page
(for reference)

Some mock-up images of what the site could look like
(But this would require content-changes).

Site proposal 01

Site proposal 01
(opens in new window, too big)

Site proposal 02

Site proposal 02
(opens in new window, too big)


05. ApacheCon logo proposal

Vector illustration for use on ApacheCon material

ApacheCon logo proposal 01

A lanyard (like most conferences offer attendees),
bundling Apache feathers, vector illustration.

ApacheCon logo proposal 02

If the feathers are too cheesy,
this is just the lanyard.


06. Projects website revamp

The proposal to clean up the projects.apache.org website
Using mainly unintrusive CSS changes.

Proposed Projects site revamp

Proposed change


Suggestions? Thoughts?
I'm keen to help, but I don't know where the project needs work done, so I'd value any input.
Thanks for looking!

Larger preview