If he is to be ultimately at peace with himself... what a man can be, he must be.
Abraham MASLOW

I'm a believer

I believe that when good people get together, they do amazing things. Great things, selfless things, inspiring and life-affirming things. They look beyond themselves and see the world. A world that nurtures us, and they, in turn, nurture it back by doing something with their time and their talents. Not because they're on some evangelic high, but because good people feel compelled to give back. I think that feeling of duty, rather than a feeling of right, is what marks the truly great people. Truman CAPOTE wrote "It's bad enough in life to do without something you want; but confound it, what gets my goat is not being able to give somebody something you want them to have." =)

I'm a Designer

But that's not a bad thing! Even I am somewhat disappointed at how the open-source community is comprised of so many generous Developers whose numbers are not matched equally by Designers. Designers who seem more concerned with making an “app” than making a difference. This is my attempt to prove that we are not an entire industry populated by money-hungry, iphone-touting, smashing-magazine-reading, convictionless animals indulging our vanity. Some of us aspire to be more like Linus TORVALDS than steve jobs. I'm not here to "make it pretty", I'm here to make it memorable.

I'm a hater

Big time. I hate the idea that only people with money deserve the best. I hate consumers that can't see beyond their immediate user-experience to the future of technological freedom and equality. I hate anyone who is more interested in leaving their kids a fatter savings account than leaving the world a better place. I hate software that is nasty to use because someone decided Design is superfluous. I hate false idols like mark zuckerberg and anyone who thinks greed is good. But despite all that hate, I love everyone who makes a difference at the cost of making money.